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Algorithms / Fall 2010

  • Class: Tue,Thu 9.30-10.50 in CENTR 109
  • Discussion Sections:
    • CSE 101 A02 is scheduled on Wed 4-5pm in WLH 2205 (Qian).
    • CSE 101 A03 is scheduled on Fri 4-5pm in WLH 2205 (Wenbo).
  • Instructor:Yoav Freund
    • Office hours: EBU3B 4126 Thu 12-2pm (please send me an email before coming to talk with me: yfreund@ucsd.edu)
  • Teaching assistants:
    • Wenbo Zhao: w3zhao@cs.ucsd.edu
      • Office hours: EBU3B B240A Mon 5-6pm Thu 5-6pm
      • Office hours in the Finals week: EBU3B 3217 Mon 5-7pm on December 26th
    • Qian Peng: qpeng@cs.ucsd.edu
      • Office hours: EBU3B B250A Wed 5-6pm Thu 3-4pm
  • Syllabus, dates, other administrative stuff
  • Class Schedule
  • Homework
    • Homework is due at the beginning of class on tuesday. Graded HW and quizes will be given back in the discussion sessions.
    • We only evaluate one problem (10 points) randomly in each homework. However, you may earn several extra points by completing all problems (one point for each problem).
  • CSE101 Discussion Board
  • Student grades report
    • If you have not received your secret number in email, please contact the TAs.

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